Art, Gourd and Woodcarving Shows - Pyrography (Woodburning) Classes

 Pyrography Classes and Art, Gourd & Woodcarving Shows

I started cutting back little by little on my teaching & the shows we do for several years but hadn't made a commitment to stop doing shows all together. In 2007 I finally retired from teaching when we moved to New Mexico. My goal was to have more time to do my art. Well, between hand surgeries, travel & shows that didn't happen. I did find some time to do a little gourd art but not the extent I had hoped for. So, now it's time to (semi) retire from doing shows.

You ask why we finally made this decision, well we aren't getting any younger & we thought it was the perfect time to make some changes in our lives & think about retiring (again).We have been doing art, gourd & woodcarving shows since 1995 & while we love doing them it is hard work & we aren't getting any younger. After more than 20 years of doing shows it's getting harder to do the physical work required to set up & break down our booths & working long hours at the show without breaks. Not so bad when your young but it takes it's toll as you get older.

We loved doing shows because it gave us time to chat with old friends & make new ones. It seemed that the last few years we got busier at the shows & rarely had time to stop & chat with people the way we used to. It was more business & less fun. We never did shows to get rich, we did them because we we enjoyed meeting people.

Who knows I might finally have a chance to take some classes. I've always been teaching & working with no time to learn something new unless taught myself.

So, what kind of shows will we be doing in the future....perhaps some local art shows but we're not sure yet!

So, just to reassure you all, I am not closing my doors or retiring from my business, I am just getting back to the basics of enjoying life & having time to stop & smell the roses. Sawdust Connection will continue as  it always has, the main change is we will no longer be working sunrise to sunset doing shows. Now, if we do a show it will be on a smaller scale so we can get back to the reason we started doing them in the first place....having an opportunity to make new friends, visit with old friends & have some fun!

Our business will remain open as it has always been....even when we travel. 

My New Brochure

People have been asking me for brochures for quite a while & I just never seemed to find the time toNedra's Brochure. update the one I made many years ago. I finally found some time to update it.

For those of you who want to print my new brochure to pass out at festivals & events please feel free to click on the image of the brochure on the right & download the pdf file that is suitable for printing.

Pyrography Classes

We are moving back to Texas (at least half time) & I will be doing some classes while we are in the Rio Grande Valley. For more information please Contact me.